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Once upon a time in the early nineties an old inventor disappeared into his basement workshop with recycled papers, hand tools, various glues, and one young idea. This young idea came to him at Christmas time when children made paper beads and strung them around the holiday tree. He emerged from the cellar two years later with a paper bead perfect for the fashion industry. It was light as feathers, colorful as peacocks, and you could wash or dry clean it. Bead House, NY, began to wholesale this bead and The American Jewelry Manufacturer’s Association featured this new process in Issue No.9.

A year later this innovator went back to his basement, fastened five beads together, and emerged soon after with a lightweight, graceful pen barrel. The tall, elegant pens made from these barrels became known as Giraffe Pens and the company that made them, UrbanArt.

Urban Art designed accessories and jewelry and sold these items directly to stores around the country. Soon Giraffe Pens were joined by Feathered Friends Pens and Menagerie Pens. Then followed lapel/hat pins, hair sticks, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Potentials in Advertising took notice of these lightweight, colorful products in their February 1996 issue. Urban Art began to feed this inventor.

Encouraged, the old man returned a last time to the basement. He had some exquisite drop forged bronze figures he wanted to add to the pens. He did this by reinforcing the original pen with a brass interior column. The new pen was as handsome and substantial as the original graceful and light. It seemed to have been born in the Middle Ages.

Urban Art baptized this pen the Museum Pen. Within months it appeared in fine New York stores. Since then the pen styles have multiplied and the stores that carry them are all across the country.

The story isn’t finished. When this fellow returns from the Bahamas we intend to send him back to the basement. Meanwhile you can get more information by contacting us directly:  

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